Dawn Concepts’ objective is to empower people to optimize their quality of life and healthspan with the most advanced nutrition systems available. Focusing on the “building block” of the body – the cell.

Dawn Concepts is partnering with several nutrition companies that utilize technology such as LunaCell, developed by American Nutritional Innovations (ANI), and helping them enhance their business development and marketing initiatives.  Areas of focus will be on chronic disease, weight management, anti-aging, wellness, and sports nutrition.

About American Nutritional Innovations (ANI)

ANI takes pride in advancing the research and development of Lunasin and other nutritional ingredients and formulaic compounds. These formulations are supported by first-class scientific and clinical evidence. First, ANI diligently and continuously research the existing and emerging literature to create evidence-based formulations. Second, when existing research is lacking, they fund external research projects at top tier academic research institutions to help develop that evidence.


Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Doebelin
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