Dawn Concepts — emerging business ideas that promote human needs

Dawn Concepts’ Business Modeling System is a lean approach to the Human-Centered Design, optimized for the creation of new business concepts—building systems of brand, product, and service that deliver a distinctly better value and experience to the customer. We partner with individuals and organizations to anticipate the future, evolve current organizational business models, and advance the human experience.

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This system allows for the innovation of completely new and disruptive business models that is emblematic of the current generation and economic situation. Although the modeling systems may be a little difficult to understand at first, they will transform the competitive landscapes across the Nutrition Industry while creating a solution to global malnutrition. These models are for those ready to abandon past thinking and embrace new, innovative, models of value creation, and philanthropy.

We focus on Running Lean concepts that build systematic processes and quickly vet product ideas and business models that raise the odds for success. We engage with our customers and business partners throughout the development cycle, continually testing the models with smaller, faster iterations. We build a feature or product concept, measure the customer response, and validate or refute the direction or product. This maximizes our efforts for speed, learning, and focus.

We value the input and wisdom of our mentors and embrace the thought processes of the current generation.

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